Quizzicale: Cab Calloway’s radio show

  One of the greatest experiences Cab Calloway had on the ether waves was certainly the "Quizzicale Show." For more than a year, the show was broadcast across the country and gained a huge success with the black community. The only problem was precisely that it was a show with black musicians. After nearly a year, the show was dropped for lack of a sponsor. And yet, it really had it all together for success!   Read the full story →

“Stormy Weather”: Thanks, pal! and other anecdotes

  "Thanks, Pal!" était le titre de travail de Stormy Weather. Il faisait référence à tous les mots de remerciements émanant d'autres vedettes et que lit Bill Robinson durant tout le film. Arthur Knight estime dans son passionnant (mais complexe) ouvrage que dire ainsi merci à un Noir américain, à travers Bill Robinson, était une gageure eut égard à l'opinion générale de l'époque. Mais nous aborderons les aspects raciaux du film une prochaine fois. Pour le moment, nous avons encore quelques croustillantes anecdotes à nous mettre sous la dent... Read the full story →

The King of Hi de Ho and the Presidents

  Many jazz fans will be delighted by this story told by Cab Calloway in his autobiography, Of Minnie the Moocher and Me: at an evening reception in honor of Duke Ellington, Richard Nixon approach Cab Calloway and told him "My wife and I really like what you're doing, Mr. Ellington" True or not, it indicates the presence of Cab at the White House and his relationship with the U.S. leader. The Hi de Ho Blog will tell you a little more... Read the full story →

Cotton Club Revue Season #1: 1957, from Miami to New York and Las Vegas

In the Fifties, Miami became the place to be: hotels and resorts, nightclubs, beaches, the city was magic. Before retirees, tourists were the main source of income. It made sense for entrepreneurs to try their luck with an ambitious revue. Glamour, chorus girls, tap dance and entertainment were on the menu. And if you add Cab Calloway as the main course, you’re headed for success. So they say. And so it happened... well, at the beginning.     Read the full story →


St. Louis Blues (1958) starring Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway is a truly awful film with an outstanding cast.  Our friend and fellow Cab Calloway fan Keller Whalen has left no stone unturned in uncovering the behind-the-scenes details – he even watched the movie several times.  The Hi De Ho Blog is pleased to present a fascinating look at the story of how a bad film was made and the often hilarious reviews that followed its release.  Read the full story →