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With all due respect to my predecessors, I'll try to assemble here a discography of Cab Calloway. I'm not a professional discographer, so I hope you'll apologize the many mistakes and omissions that kind of labor has. It's a (bad) work in progress...


Precedent discographies


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In Jazz Journal, three consecutive publications, May, June, July 1961



James POPA

Joyce Music Publication, 1976



Christopher POPA

in Discoveries Magazine, N°84, May 1995


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Individual solographies of Cab's musicians

Alto Sax: Hilton Jefferson

Tenor Sax: Chu Berry, Greely Walton, Ted McRae, Ike Quebec, Illinois Jacquet, Ben Webster, Walter Foots Thomas (in Tenorsax, 1917-1934)

Trumpet: Irving Randolph, Shad Collins, Dizzy Gillespie, Jonah Jones

Jazz Solography Series, Self edited (begun in 1968)

Almost are now all available for free download on author's website: Jazz Archeology


Of course, the main discographies are the roots of any work:

  • Charles DELAUNAY
  • Kurt MOHR
  • Brian RUST
  • Jørgen Grunnet JEPSEN
  • Tom LORD



New York, July 24, 1930

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: R.Q. Dickerson, Wendell Culley, Lammar Wright (tp) De Priest Wheeler (tb) William Thornton Blue (cl, as), Andrew Brown (as, cl, b-cl) Walter "Foots" Thomas (ts, as, bar) Earres Prince (p) Morris White (bj) Jimmy Smith (tu) Leroy Maxey (d) Cab Calloway (vcl)

E-33353-A Gotta darn good reason now (for bein' good) (cc vcl) Br 4936, Bandstand BS7124
E-33353-B Gotta darn good reason now (for bein' good) (cc vcl) Br 4936

E-33354-A, B

I'll be a friend with pleasure (cc vcl)



St. Louis blues (cc vcl)

Br 4936






Early issues of Brunswick 4936 as by "The Jungle Band".


New York, October 14, 1930

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: Harry White (tb) added, Andrew Brown (as,bar) Walter "Foots" Thomas (ts,cl,bar), rest same


Sweet Jennie Lee (cc vcl)

Ban 0847, Dom 4656, Crown 81485


Sweet Jennie Lee (cc vcl)

Br 4936


Happy feet (cc vcl)

Ban 0835, Per 15376, Angelus 3266






Domino 4656 as by "The Caroliners", Perfect 15376 as by "The Whoopee Makers", Angelus 3266 as by "The Clevelanders", Crown 81485 as by "Bob Galloway and his Orchestra".


To be continued...