This review has been running for 3 years is one of a kind success in the late 50’s for the fifty year old Cab Calloway. All the ingredients are assembled to succeed: efficient production team, a big band with alumni Cab’s musicians, great singers and attractions, beautiful chorus girls ... And yet, the history of this new Cotton Club Revue appears to have been littered with obstacles of which Cab Calloway has always recovered. Because the audience was there every time to admire what was then a recreation of these reviews of the “good ol’ time”...

Our 3-part series is divided in seasons:

1957 Cotton Club Revue Front.png

• 1st season: 1957, From Miami to New York to Las Vegas •

• 2nd season: 1958, Under the palm trees and rain Miami •

• 3rd season: 1959, Chicago, South America and Manhattan •


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1958 Cast Cotton Club Revue.png

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(available soon or later...)

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