Tiny BRADSHAW, the Super Cab Calloway

  Plus connu pour sa période R&B, Myron 'Tiny' BRADSHAW a connu première carrière dans les années 1930. Jeune étudiant en psychologie, il était devenu le chanteur des Horace Henderson’s Collegians. Installé à New York en 1932, il y joua de la batterie pour plusieurs orchestres dont le Mills Blue Rhythm Band (l’orchestre créé par l’agent de Cab, Irving Mills, et qui servait de remplaçant au Cotton Club lorsque Cab et Duke étaient tous les deux absents).   Read the full story →

William Thornton BLUE: the creative but forgotten clarinettist

Listen to Cab Calloway’s recordings from the early 1930s ... If your ear is dominated by a hopping, acrobatic and remarkably creative clarinet sound, you are enjoying one of the great forgotten musicians in the History of Jazz who spent more than 30 years in an asylum: William Thornton BLUE. It is my good friend the late Christian Bonnet (1945-2017) — whose ear was particularly demanding - that made me discover the talent of this clarinetist and alto saxophonist whose solos give a unique sound to the first Calloway shellacs... The Hi De Ho Blog will tell you the almost unknown story of the man who nicknamed himself “The reputed Blue”. Read the full story →

Count BASIE in Cab Calloway’s orchestra?

  That's right! For an announcement effect, admit that it is powerful.  The Count at the Cab.  That was almost done. And from 1929!  Count Basie and Cab met at the time when young Calloway was the leader of the Alabamians. A great friendship was born between the two men...  The Hi de Ho Blog reveals a little more...   Read the full story →