“COTTON CLUB PARADE” (april 1932)

  Revue du Cotton Club de Harlem. * Paroles de Ted Koehler * Musiques d’Harold Arlen * Mise en scène de Dan Healy * Vedette : Cab Calloway Chansons publiées : * In The Silence of the Night * Minnie The Moocher’s Wedding Day* * You Gave Me Everything But Love Read the full story →

“RHYTH-MANIA” at the Cotton Club (December 1931)

  Deuxième contribution d’Harold Arlen et Ted Koelhler aux revues du Cotton Club, Rhythm-Mania contient quelques succès parmi lesquels Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, la marche I Love a Parade et naturellement Kickin’ The Gong Around. Devant le succès de la chanson I Love a Parade, les revues suivantes furent toutes appelées «Cotton Club Parade». Read the full story →

“COTTON CLUB PARADE” (october 1932)

Revue du Cotton Club de Harlem : * Paroles de Ted Koehler * Musiques d’Harold Arlen * Mise en scène de Dan Healy * Vedettes : Aida Ward, Cab Calloway Chansons publiées : * Harlem Holiday * I’ve Got a World On A String* * That’s What I Hate About Love* * The Wail of The Reefer Man* Read the full story →

“The Love Boat” (1982)

  Following the success of The Blues Brothers, Cab Calloway is growing interest on the part of producers. Television in particular is interested. Cab has made ​​a few appearances in the series (Madigan, and other particular which we'll write a future series of notes) but it is in LOVE BOAT that Cab will have a major musical role. He's surrounded by Ann Miller, Carol Channing, Ethel Merman and many old fashioned stars. Kind of tacky. Yet, it allow us to watch Cab play comedy and contributes to musical numbers with the one and only crew from The Love Boat! Read the full story →

Bill Bojangles ROBINSON: Cab Calloway’s less friendly partner

  Loin de moi l'idée de faire une énième biographie de Bill Bojangles ROBINSON (1878-1949), danseur de claquettes hors pair : d'autres l'ont fait avant moi ou le feraient mieux que moi. The Hi de Ho Blog va se contenter de retracer les différents moments où lui et Cab se sont croisés entre 1931 et 1949. Même s'ils ont été très souvent ensemble sur la scène du Cotton Club ou s'ils ont partagé l'affiche de Stormy Weather, ces deux compères-là avaient une relation étonnante : Cab était le jeune chef aux dents longues, et Bill le vieux briscard impitoyable. Read the full story →

The Cab Calloway TV Show in 1959 from the Rancho Don Carlos in Winnipeg, Canada

This show is one of a kind testimony of the way Cab Calloway sang and toured in the late fifties, when times were harder than during the Swing era. And, on a personal matter, this is a TV show I’ve been privileged to watch at Cab Calloway’s house in Westchester along with Cab’s daughter, Cecelia. I thought I’d never see it again, but here it is, after a dedicated fan posted it on YouTube. Read the full story →

GONE album “Cotton Club Revue of 1958”

Released in March 1958 to support the Cotton Club Revue, which was then touring in Miami and the USA (see our forthcoming article), this LP is Cab Calloway’s very first album – in the modern sense. Despite genuine qualities, this record went straight into the dustbin of discographers and jazz critics. It seems nevertheless to warrant some interest since, besides its two releases at the time, an unofficial vinyl emerged 30 years ago and an official release even popped up on CD in August 2014. Read the full story →