The King of Hi de Ho and the Presidents

  Many jazz fans will be delighted by this story told by Cab Calloway in his autobiography, Of Minnie the Moocher and Me: at an evening reception in honor of Duke Ellington, Richard Nixon approach Cab Calloway and told him "My wife and I really like what you're doing, Mr. Ellington" True or not, it indicates the presence of Cab at the White House and his relationship with the U.S. leader. The Hi de Ho Blog will tell you a little more... Read the full story →

“Cab Calloway ’68”: the everlasting album with Bugs Bower

In March 1968, Cab Calloway released an album entitled “Cab ‘68” with 11 songs arranged and conducted by Maurice Bugs BOWER. The LP was the first release by label P.I.P., of Pickwick International. Leaning on the Hello Dolly!’ success, Cab sang tunes from the Broadway repertoire with new arrangements that were also of a new kind for the 60 year old king of Hi De Ho. The goal? Reaching a new and younger audience. We’ve been lucky and honored to interview Dr. Bugs Bower who has fond memories of this record. You’d never guess he’s 92! Read the full story →