The White Stripes: from Koko to Cab Calloway

Alors que ce fameux groupe de rock a récemment annoncé sa séparation (février 2011), voici la version très callowayenne d'un des tubes de Cab, St James Infirmary Blues de Joe Primrose. Elle fut enregistrée pour l'album éponyme du groupe en 2002. A rapprocher, naturellemment, de la version de 1933 enregistrée pour le dessin animé de Betty Boop... Read the full story →

Earres PRINCE, the pianist Cab never appreciated

  Earres Prince? With few fans (maybe 2 or 3 maximum in the world), who the hell knows anything about this inconspicuous man missing from all the jazz dictionaries? All the more reason for The Hi De Ho Blog to tell you a bit about the man who was the first pianist for – and apparently never appreciated by – Cab Calloway.  He had the difficult task of preceding – not succeeding – Benny PAYNE, the pianist Cab had met before leading the Missourians.   Read the full story →