July 29, 1929: The Alabamians with Cab Calloway at El Torreon, Kansas City, MO

1929 0729 Kansas City Star MO - copie.png


Read the Kansas City Star of today:

“This is the last week of the engagement of the Alabamians, the immensely popular orchestra at El Torreon, and Saturday night Bennie Moten and his Victor Recording orchestra will bow in to succeed the Marion Hardy-Cab Calloway group.

The Saturday night party at the ballroom will find both bands officiating alternately, and the dance should be one of the kind that the El Torreon fans will wirte home about. The first party will last until midnight, when the musicians will allow their saxophones to cool for ten minutes and start again and play until 3 o'clock. That is a lot for the price of one admission to El Torreon surely.

Wednesday night will see the usual Dark Horse Club dance at el Torreon. Prizers more than worth while will be given some lucky dancers.

This very Saturday, Cab Calloway met Count Basie and afterwards ask him to join the band and go with The Alabamians to New York City!”

More detail here : “Count BASIE in Cab Calloway’s orchestra?”


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