January 26, 1938: in New York studios

Enregistrement de 6 chansons par Cab Calloway and his Orchestra :
  • One Big Union For Two*
  • Doing The Reactionary*
  • Rustle Of Swing*
  • Three Swings And Out*
  • I Like Music (With A Swing Like That)*
  • Foolin' With You*

Etaient présents à l'enregistrement à New York :
Cab Calloway (vocal*, dir), Shad Collins, Irving Randolph, Lammar Wright (trompette), Claude Jones, Keg Johnson, De Priest Wheeler (trombone), Chauncey Haughton, Andrew Brown (clarinette, alto saxophone), Ben Webster, Walter Thomas (tenor saxophone), Bennie Payne (piano), Danny Barker (guitare), Milton Hinton (contrebasse), Leroy Maxey (batterie).
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