Nina Simone and Cab Calloway: The unlikely encounter ...


Cab Calloway in Bubbling Brown Sugar

In the rich biography "Princess Noire" dedicated to the singer and pianist Nina Simone (1933-2003), the author Nadine Cohodas evokes a story on the often erratic behavior of the "My Baby Just Cares For Me" Diva. This time - for once, Cab Calloway was the victim...
We are in 1976, Nina Simone is not at her best and has lost some her audience. Lester HYMAN, a lawyer who supports Nina, invited her to his apartment in Washington. During one of her visits, Nina asked his host to find him seats - the best ones - for the "Bubbling Brown Sugar" revue which featured Cab Calloway.
Lester Hyman tells the story: "We sat in the front row and suddenly she began to talk to people on stage I was mortified (...)." She then asks Lester to meet Cab Calloway after the show. She said she had known him long time ago. "Introduce me as Simone and not Nina Simone."
Cab greeted her with open arms "Nina! ..." immediately interrupted by "It's MADAME SIMONE."
The King of Hi Ho had to say so  while the famous Madame Simone chattered incessantly. After a few minutes, Cab took Lester's elbow and asked him to excuse him.

Too bad! Between 2 crazy singers, one could consider beautiful songs a-coming...


Source :
Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone, Nadine Cohodas, Pantheon 2010